Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Relieving Discomfort from Stouffville Braces

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For those of you who have had or are currently in treatment with braces, you should know exactly what I am talking about. The discomfort of wearing braces. Most people would assume it is worse than it actually is. Yes, the first week was not enjoyable. Any drastic change to your mouth with metal, one would not assume to be enjoyable. However, after the 1 week, things settle down and get better. Eventually, you forget you have braces!

What I want to talk about today are the little discomforts that come up because of the braces once in a while. The cuts that happen in your mouth caused by the metal rubbing against your inner lips or cheeks. Below is a picture of a cut that I have gotten a couple of times. If you look carefully, it is present on my inner bottom lip and caused by the braces.
Cut from braces
DO NOT FRET! There is always a solution! MCO Stouffville Orthodontics recommends putting wax in the area. We supply this special dental wax for all of our patients specifically for this issue. The key is finding the cause of the cut. In my case, like I mentioned, it is the wire. I placed the wax directly onto the cause of the cut, and INSTANT RELIEF!  The wax allows the lip area to be shielded from the wire, allowing it to heal.
Wax on top of braces
In the picture above, I have been wearing the wax for 12 hours and you can see my cut is starting to heal. You have to remember to remove the wax before you eat, or else you will end up eating the wax. However, if you do ingest the wax accidentally, it is not toxic to your body. When you have braces, wax is your best friend if you have any cuts in the mouth!! :)
Dental wax for braces

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