Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to brush your teeth with braces in Stouffville!

I recently went for a cleaning with my Dental Hygienist. It had been over a year, just before I started treatment with my Stouffville Orthodontist, since I went for a dental check up. Turns out, my oral hygiene (Brushing/flossing) has gotten even better!!! How is that!!? How is it that with added metal in my mouth and more difficulty flossing, would things improve!?

One of the reasons would be the fact that food constantly gets stuck in the braces, therefore I brush after every meal. Secondly, I followed how MCO Orthodontics tells all their patients to brush their teeth! I find for myself, a manual toothbrush works best. However, an electric toothbrush might work better for you. The trick is the angulation. Click on either brushing, flossing or proxibrush for the youtube links we supply on our website :)


Very important to keep everything very clean, or else you could end up with these stains on the teeth once the braces come off. 

Nobody wants that!!! Make sure to check out MCO Orthodontics website for all the information! That's my tip for the month! :) Enjoy your summer with clean teeth!!