Friday, February 28, 2014

Celebrities who have had braces!!!

Have you noticed that most celebrities have perfect teeth!?  Unfortunately, nobody is born with perfect teeth, so they have used orthodontics at some point in their lives. Some have used Invisalign, lingual braces, ceramic braces or metal braces.
Niall Horan from One Direction
Gwen Stefani
Dakota Fanning sporting ceramic braces

Above are a few celebrities who sported their braces with pride :)

At MCO Stouffville Orthodontics, Dr. Jason Tam offers Invisalign, Ceramic braces & Metal braces. I have chosen the metal braces and you can barely see them when I smile!
MCO Stouffville Orthodontics smile!
Another year till my perfect MCO smile! Until then, wearing my MCO braces with confidence!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Progress with my Stouffville Orthdontist!

Wanted to give you all an update on my treatment for my Stouffville braces!!! It has been 9 months now since I started treatment and really happy with the changes. Keep in mind that my estimated treatment plan is 2 years. Still lots to do!!!

Stouffville Orthodontist Initial photos
Stouffville Orthodontist 5 month photos

Stouffville Orthodontist 9 month photos

You'll notice that my midline has shifted slightly, still needs a couple more mm to go. My deep bite is opening up, and all the teeth are very straight!!! I am still wearing the elastic on the left hand side to prevent my canine from moving forward while closing the space. Excited to see the half way point in May :)