Saturday, November 30, 2013

Starting Elastics with my Braces in Stouffville!!

7 months in and starting elastics!! Elastics are used for many different reasons, usually connecting the upper jaw with the lower jaw. There are many different patterns which are specified to the patient by your Orthodontist.
Orthodontic Elastics
Reasons for elastics include closing a bite and/or shifting over the lower jaw either forward or back depending on the bite.
Orthodontic elastic on left hand side
For my particular case, you will notice I am in a full upper Power Chain (Chain that closes spaces). The particular elastic I'm wearing is to prevent my upper left canine from shifting forward so my upper midline can shift to the left. I wear the elastic all day and all night except when I'm eating and brushing. It's not bad at all!!!! I barely feel it to be honest :) Which is why it is difficult to remember putting it back on after a meal. A good way to remember and here, at your Stouffville Orthodontist, we tell our patients to keep the elastic around their pinky finger while they eat. It has been working so far!! I cannot wait for my upper midline to shift and all the spaces to close!!! Tune in for the progress!
Orthodontic Elastics