Saturday, May 31, 2014

One Year Anniversary with my Stouffville Orthodontist!

The half way mark has come!! The one year anniversary of getting on my braces in Stouffville! Lots has happened this year. Reminiscing from a year ago, I wasn't even sure about getting the braces. I couldn't make the decision. He knew I did not want surgery for my jaw and told me I could get a very similar result without surgery. Having worked with Dr. Jason Tam for many years, I trusted his why not! Here are the before and progress photos from 1 year later :)
MCO Orthodontics Initial photos

One year later, Here I am!

MCO Orthodontics Progress records 1 year later
The space where my #25 tooth was extracted is pretty much fully closed & my upper midline shift is 2mm away from being perfect!! Very happy with the result so far!! One more year to go!!

My co-worker Isha after her Invisalign & myself after Colour me Rad, Toronto!