Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Progress of My Stouffville Braces Treatment!

As promised, here are my progress photos of my treatment involving an extraction.  It has been 5 months so far into treatment and I can't believe how straight my teeth are!

Initial records MCO Stouffville Orthdontics
Progress Records MCO Stouffville Orthdontics
You will notice that Dr. Jason Tam has begun closing the space where my tooth was extracted. Starting with my first premolar, and eventually we will work on shifting my front teeth over. The blue stuff present on my upper molars is called occlusal bonding. It is used to prevent the top teeth from biting on the lower brackets. It will be removed once I no longer need it! 

I found the most noticeable difference would be my profile. The position of my lips in my progress photos are move relaxed. I am very happy with the changes!! I'll keep you all updated with progress photos every few months!!!

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